Everyone has a “story of my life” and these stories are often made up of other, smaller stories. They are stories of triumphs and tragedies, successes and sorrows, hope and despair.

Some stories are left unwritten.
Some stories are left untold.
Some stories are left unfinished.

Not every story graces the pages of a book or becomes a best-seller. No, some stories are limited to the confines of a journal, a friend, a blog, or a therapist.

The word philotherapy is derived from philosophy and therapy.

Philosophy = love of wisdom
Therapy = treatment intended to relieve or heal.

Therefore, philotherapy is not only the use of ones love for wisdom as healing, it is a love of self-healing, growth and development itself. Moreover, it is a therapy in its own right.

This is my philosophy. This is my therapy. And these are some of my stories…


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