Clients appproach us from all walks of life; the business man who wants to secure his assets, the elderly mother who wants to make sure there’s adequate provision for her children in her will, the upper class young adult caught with possession of a controlled substance. 

It’s easy to judge, too easy actually, almost as easy as it is to become disillusioned and cynical.

People think lawyers become disillusioned with years of practice, but I think it’s a sense of disillusionment with the world and the “way it works” that draws us to the legal profession. 

And then one day, a client walks into your office, pours her heart out and pleads for “justice,” and you feel… indifferent

You offer a warming smile and gently nudge a box of tissues towards her all while mentally weighing the authenticity of her tears and prospects of success. She tells you it’s not about the money, “it’s the principal of the matter.” She fumbles and fidgets with the tissues in her hand and you begin to analyse beyond the spoken words into the hidden gestures. Smiling, nodding, encouraging.

Tell me more about your li(f)e.