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“Mmhmm…. Oh, that’s interesting… mmhhmm… oh, great” she pretended to pay attention as she continued reading the screen in front of her.

“Well then? What do you think?”


She paused for a moment. What is she going on about? What do I think about what? I have a lot of thoughts. For example, I think this letter is overreaching, no way they have any evidence to back these claims. They’re just trying to intimidate the client. I’ll have to draft something up…  


Right. Focus. What were we talking about. Just tell her she’s right. That’ll take care of it. 

“You know what’s best, ma.”

“Exactly. So you’ll go out with him?”

Wait. What.


“I thought you said you were listening? Your Aunt called, she met this lovely lady at the temple this weekend. She has a son, only child, he’s an accountant and he plays guitar. You like guitar, remember? You wanted to learn– he can teach you! He’s very interested; he’s seen your picture and says he’s seen or met you before? Where did you meet him? Are you dating? You should be dating! There are so many potentials!”

“Are we back on this again? I told you, I’m not interested. I’m not dating anyone. And what picture? I didn’t give her any pictures.”

“She found one from your Facebook page, by the way, you need some new pictures. Some with other people, wear something flattering and no more gym photos, you have to show variety.”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“Honey, listen, just add him on Facebook. His name is Jackson.