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The heart remembers what the mind tries to forget.

Her usual route was blocked so she used Siri to navigate the next quickest route. Within minutes she was travelling down a road all too familiar.She came to a crossroad and intuitively turned left, despite Siri’s instructions to “continue straight.” She drove past a park while Siri “recalculated” and there it was.

“Of course, “she thought.

She looked to her left and saw the apartment. Their old apartment.

She was tempted to allow the flood of memories to consume her, but she had gotten better at turning those feelings off. She clenched her teeth, shook her head and continued on the recalculated path home.

The weight of the day had compromised her will power and the rest of her evening was plagued with the thoughts of the apartment and the memories within.

The day she moved in. The day she moved out. Memories she thought she had forgotten, all came rushing back as if she was experiencing them for the first time.

“Love used to live there.” She thought to herself as she crawled into her bed. “But love left long before I did.

She turned off her lamp and nodded off to bed.She didn’t hold herself responsible for the breakdown of that relationship anymore. She may not have forgotten, but she had forgiven.