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Not enough/Way too much.
Can’t give up/can’t go on.
Why bother/try harder.
Can’t let go/Can’t move on.

One thousand two hundred and sixteen days ago I came to Australia.

In those one thousand two hundred and sixteen days, so much has happened. I did it, I got #lawyered. The thing with leaving your family to pursue your dreams and career is that when you achieve it, they’re not always there to share it with you.

And when your salary works out to be the same as a cashier (that’s if you work a 37.5 hour week, its even less when you work evenings and weekends), and long weekends are spent doing more work while your friends enjoy family time. It really makes you wonder whether you made the right choice.

I’m grateful, no doubt about it. I know many people have made many sacrifices to help me get to where I am today. The encouragement, the support. I think it’s safe to say a few glass ceilings were broken when a ‘single indian girl’ was sent by herself to study abroad for a second, and then third degree in lieu of getting married and starting a family. I get it, I asked for this. Hell, I fought for this.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I find myself wondering, was it worth it?