2 January 2016

5:45 PM


Resolutions, anyone?

As the new year begins, resolution’ers are in abundance. Grand proclamations of “new beginnings” and “big changes” are made, some of which may very well materialise in the coming months.

I’ve always strongly detested when people made jokes about how busy the gyms are in January, and picked on the “bandwagoners.” I distinctly recall reading a (Facebook) post along the lines of “get out of the way of my training, we know you’re not going to be here in a few weeks.” Needless to say, that person was quickly unfollowed & unfriended. I don’t support that kind of ignorant behaviour. 

Everyone starts somewhere. Some of us have to (re)start a few times. Some of us (re)start every day. One day at a time. 

Remember that

Remember that when the gym is busier than usual this week, this month, the next few months, it’s a good thing! Healthier people = happier people.

Remember how nervous you were, or awkward you felt the first time you joined a gym; or re-joined after having fallen off track.

Remember that discouraging the new faces you see, or scowling at someone using “your” squat rack won’t make you a bigger person.  

Remember that was you, once.  But mostly, remember that it could be you again. Hey– life happens, right?

Support ’em or step off. No one needs your sass. 

Stay classy, kids.