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Screenshot from NASA’s live feed.

If you’ve been following ‘what’s trending,’ or even glanced at your Facebook Newsfeed today, you’ll know that tonight was special; a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse. This phenomenon is both, astronomically and astrologically significant. According to Elephant Journal, there are four key things to note about tonight’s Supermoon Lunar Eclipse:

  1. It will be a total lunar eclipse which means that the Earth, sun and moon will all align precisely– which only happens a few times a year; 

  2. It will be a supermoon which means when we look up at the night sky the brilliant glow will be breathtaking;

  3. This full moon takes place very close to the equinox (mark of a new season) which amplifies its energy considerably.

  4. This particular lunar eclipse will be the fourth of four total lunar eclipses in a row, or the grand finale.

While I do believe in a Higher Power, my faith has definitely taken a hit this year. The reasons as to why and how are unimportant, but I found myself turning more than a curious eye to astrology and in particular, these lunar eclipses.

“Many of us have been thrown into relationship karma since July with the Venus retrograde cycle and some of us even longer. Now that the cycle is nearing completion, we’re closer to understanding our own needs as well as what we need in our relationship.”

The part that interests me is the idea of this cycle nearing completion; I feel like I’ve been going through a bloody spin cycle since February. I want to believe that this is the end of all of that, that good things are just around the corner, so with whatever faith I have left, I put it to you (and the Universe)

Tonight is the end of the cycle. May the weight of our trials and emotional burdens be lifted from our mind, heart, soul and spirit. May this eclipse bring the closure we seek and the closure we need to wake up with renewed faith, restored energy and a lightness in our heart. So it is written, so shall it be done.

As I read that back, I can’t help but role my eyes a little bit; but you know what, sometimes we just have to go out on a limb, believe in something a little bigger and put our intentions out into the Universe. So there it is.

We’re ready for something amazing, Universe.

Bring. It. On.