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I don’t know what the word is, but there’s something to be said about reading the same book at a different stage/place/time in our life. That said, I recently revisited a book that was gifted to me years ago. The book is titled “59 Seconds” and is authored by Richard Wiseman (you can find a copy here).

The tagline of the book reads, “Think a Little, Change a Lot.” I always smile when I read that because I distinctly recall the gifter commenting on how much I overthink. 

NOTE: I’ll be writing on that more a little later as I’ve stumbled upon another book which addresses just that; introversion (so check back and/or remind me to get reading!).

Backed with numerous studies and research, Wiseman provides four basic tenements for a “long-term sense of contentment,” they are:

  1. Know how to use a pencil;
  2. Know to keep the perfect diary;
  3. Know how to carry out small acts of kindness; and
  4. Know how to develop gratitude attitude.

To begin with, Wiseman explains how to incorporate effective writing techniques into our lives and even provides exercises for beginning our perfect diaries. Each exercise claims to take a few moments, but I tend to take a little longer…

Wiseman, Richard, "59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot," (2010), 23.

Wiseman, Richard, “59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot,” (2010), 23.

Without infringing on Mr. Wiseman’s intellectual property, I’ll share with you just one page/writing exercise from the book.

I’ll provide a full review of the book once I’ve read it entirely. In the interim, try this exercise and check out Richard Wiseman’s blog.

What are  you grateful for?

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