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Day 5

After several days of rain and thunder, the sun finally came out today accompanied with a lovely rainbow; a sure sign that things were looking up. My fellow cold sufferers, I sympathize. This bug has been a nasty one! Running on day 10, I still have a stuffed nose, plugged ears, headache, body ache, more phlegm than a Nickelodeon game show and as of two days ago, a dull (read: annoying) ache in my jaw/back teeth region. As a result, I’ve spent most of the week in bed. I’ve tried to provide my body with as much rest to aid a speedy recovery because school has started and at Bond, there is no ‘ease-in’ week.

My schedule this semester is a little.. unique, shall we say? I have two courses running the duration of the semester (weeks 1 through 12). However, I have two courses that are ‘intensive’ — I know what you’re thinking; 12 weeks for a course wasn’t intensive enough? Apparently not.

One of these intensive courses is a 9am-4pm course on Fridays from weeks 2 to 7. That’s 6 x 6 hour sessions.

The other, brace yourselves, is a course from 8am – 12pm over a period of FOUR days.  That’s 4 x 4 hour sessions.

Far out, hey? But don’t be so quick to question the credibility of the programming just yet. These courses are ‘elective’ subjects’ and not core subjects like contracts or torts which no doubt demand the full 3 hours a week from weeks 1 – 12 (occasionally 13) and then some! It’s reasonably foreseeable how the two courses, given their respective subject matters, could be given justice in the 36 and 16 hour allotments.  I am curious though, as to how these courses will be assessed. Will there be a paper due at the end of the course? At the end of the semester? Dare I entertain the idea that by week 4, I’ll have finished one course and by week 7, I’ll have finished another course! …Eek!  Let’s not jinx it!

So with week 2 (and the start of the first intensive course) just a few sleeps away, I’m hoping these residual symptoms magically disappear. The dull aching in my teeth mockingly suggests otherwise, but here’s hoping. If Gold Coast weather can lighten up after days of thunderstorms, then maybe I can get out from being ‘under the weather’ too.