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Ah, the return to law school.

Today was my first day of my Masters of Laws program, and true to my previous law school experience, I was welcomed with unbearable heat on my walk to school and pouring rain on my way back. I was reminded me of the humble beginnings of first semester of my JD.

I was full of ambition and enthusiasm then. I couldn’t wait to come home and blog about my day. Share my stories with someone, everyone; you, my reader 🙂

Somewhere along the six semesters, I lost that. I let law school ‘get to me.’ Sure, the workload became heavier and blogging fell off the priority ladder. Perhaps the real reason was the days when I actually had the time/interest/something to blog about, I spent it ‘in the moment’ as those moments were often few and far between. By the end of 5th semester, my blogging stopped, my once unbridled enthusiasm for law school ceased and the only thing motivating me to finish was just that: FINISHING. The proverbial words of Oliver Queen echoed in my head; “For five two years I was am stranded on an island with only one goal: survive. So you can imagine my reluctance to put myself through a similarly structured intensive/condensed program.

I came back to the Gold Coast on Friday with a nasty cold courtesy of my beloved family (who, in their defense, are suffering concurrently). Through the course of the weekend, for various, some personal reasons, the idea to withdraw and go home after graduation crossed my mind. My dear brother, shot that idea down quite gracefully. 

Sibling support at its finest <3

Sibling support at its finest ❤

Full of phlegm, homesick and heartsick, the last thing I wanted to do was get up, get dressed and go to class the next morning. Funny thing about quitting though, it’s actually quite difficult to do. The feeling itself pushes you to a point of frustration. In that moment of frustration, I found motivation. Coughing through the day, I participated in Seminars and took notes during lectures.

I was back.

So as I walked home in the rain to a dark and empty apartment full of suitcases yet to be unpacked, I couldn’t help but smile. I had been given the opportunity to re-do my law school experience, but with the added advantage of having done it all before and another set of initials behind my name.

Here’s hoping I come out of the program thriving, not just surviving.