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January 3, 2015
7:00 pm

Wow, that was some hiatus! The last published post was on April 10th, 2014— nearly 9 months ago. Crikey, you’d think I was away on mat leave or something 😉


Jokes aside though, I did go through a labour of sorts; law school. I’m happy to announce that on Wednesday, December 10th (day 725 for those keeping track) I wrote my last exam of my Juris Doctors degree and in doing so, completed law school.

Whats Next?

After finishing law school (and not having been home/being visited by someone from home in over a year), I was due for a trip. However, unlike most of my colleagues and fellow graduands, the trip home was not a one-ended fare. Alas, in a decision many can only characterize as my glutton for punishment, I have been offered a place to continue my legal studies and begin the Masters of Law program at Bond University. Though I have yet to sign the offer and make the deposit, (insert lawyer joke about the elements of a contract), the paperwork has been printed, the deposit cheque is ready and most importantly, I am ready to, in a sense, begin again. It seems timely then, with the start of the new year, to announce another beginning.

I’m sure as I return into the realm of blogging, stories of my time at law school will make their way onto the electronic pages of this weblog. But for now, this resurrection seems appropriate. At the risk of sounding cliche, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, having been burnt in the fires of law school (and law school life), this phoenix is rising.

To humble beginnings and never ending, here’s wishing you all much happiness and success through all your endeavors in 2015.