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Quiet after the Storm

The dark clouds of assignments have passed; however, the dark clouds of exams are looming.  Despite the ‘dark times’ though, I am truly grateful. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to pursue my dreams. The good thing about the dark times are that they’re usually synonymous with busy times; i.e., no time for a wandering mind.

Although I don’t have the time for it, my mind and heart have wandered home.

Watching and reading about the lives of loved ones through social media can be difficult. I didn’t realize how much I miss physical contact with loved ones. A warm hug, a hand on the shoulder, heck, even a slap in the ass from a mate in the gym hah.  I often wonder whether I did myself a disservice by not getting too close to any friends here. Staying in the shadows. Satisfied with the version of me they’ve created, ignorant of my truth.  I wonder whether I’ve done myself a disservice by not giving all of myself to these relationships. Then I remember…