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Having passed the half way mark and in the face of one of the toughest semesters yet, my mind (or whatever is left of it) desperately searches for something to look forward to upon completion of this hell law school. The ‘dawn after the darkness,’ if you will. ‘Cause let me tell ya, it’s looking pretty dark these days. So, what lies ahead?? (no pun intended!) Well… a few things. 

Life After Law School

1) Tattoo. (rib cage; already designed).

2) Photoshoot. (graduation, fitness, family & portfolio pics).

3) Write. (Untitled awaits completion).

4) Travel.
NOTE: 3 & 4 are potentially concurrent.

5) Establish a career.

6) Find/be found in love.

7) Get married.

9) More travelling.

10) Flourish in career.

11) Start a family.

12) Further education (PhD maybe?).

13) Teach.

Essentially, Life after law school = the beginning of my happily ever after and that makes some of these dark nights just a little bit brighter. 

DISCLAIMER:  As great as all of the above sounds/reads; sh!t happens. Plans change. Life goes on, but such are the schemes we ploy to get our minds/motivations to cooperate. *sigh* … Oh, law school.