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Home for the Holidays

As much as I love living on my own and ‘living the dream’… there’s no place like home. The past semester was more humbling then the last and before exams even started, I was ready to come home.  I needed to be recharged and rejuvenated with the love and support I have in abundance here (at home)…

I arrived in beautiful British Columbia midday Sunday. By Monday morning I was in the company of some of my ‘besties’ for breakfast and I’ve been wonderfully smothered with love, support and all things awesome since. After every visit, the weight of the past semester has lightened as my friends and family lift me with their company alone.

Tuesday evening I had coffee with two inspiring women– one a fellow blogger, another a fitness fanatic (mother of two and fitness competitor).  They were happy to see me and it felt great to be around ‘my people’ again! Tapped out tanks (and reserve tanks) of motivation were being filled with their enthusiasm and encouragement. On Wednesday when I went to see a former employer, she commented on how happy I looked. If only she had seen me last week; angrily crying in the shower after falling from a box jump and being attacked by a bird on my way home– THREE HOURS before a final exam. 

All of that tension had melted away. I guess that’s the difference a hug (or twenty) can make… and I’m home for another 3 weeks, yet!

Hugs are my favourite.

Hugs are my favourite.

I am ever grateful to have such supportive family and friends. They mean more to me then perhaps they’ll ever know and I kid you not, I pine for their company while I’m away. It baffles me how much love and support they give me; personalized Facebook posts, public announcements of my arrival, making time to see me once, twice, every opportunity they get, etc.

They say ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder,’ but after being away for only six months, I think distance makes you remember why they’re in your life and what you love (read: miss) about them the most. While I was away, I re-discovered the foundations of my friendships and man, I’ve got some solid foundations.

Needless to say, but necessary to acknowledge; I am a very lucky and equally grateful little lady. From the bottom of my rejuvenated heart, I thank you. All of you. Xo

Happy Holidays.