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Wicked Games 

“Bring your love baby, I can bring my shame

The familiar beat echoed through the room.

Bring the drugs baby, I can bring the pain;

The lyrics enveloped her.

I got my heart my here. Got my scars right here.

She lost herself in the music.

March 2012

The poison of betrayal coursed through her veins, swallowing her in its bitterness. A part of her knew she was a fool to have thought things would be different this time. She knew the moment those three words left her lips (despite the fact that she never stopped loving), things had changed. It was about power for her, [name] was convinced now, more than ever, that’s all it ever was for her. Here they were, months later, re-living the past. She had willfully neglected and selectively omitted, but however beautifully articulated the deception was, it was just that: deception.

She had lied then and now, again.

[name] felt her heart sink into stomach as she heard about the re-kindled love between the former lovers. How could she, and who could she tell? Suffocating her heartache, she maintained silence as her best friend confided in her. She quickly discovered that he had lied too.

She was hurt, embarrassed and angry.  Together, they had shattered whatever remnants the meaning of word trust had for [name]. Like a glass once broken, she would never be the same…”

NOTE: Explicit Lyrics