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“The date from the other night had made her uncomfortably aware of her emotional unavailability. Her body held no sanctity in her eyes. Without a heart to cherish, it had become a mere cavity for her organs.

Love doesn’t live here anymore.

A glint of carnal desire reflected back in her eyes as she stared into the mirror before her.

She remembered how he lovingly caressed her arm and kissed the nape of her neck, while tightly holding her hair.

She remembered how she forcefully pulled her closer by the buckle of her belt.

She remembered how they had loved her within hours of one another. Different lovers, different days. The only commonality between the them was that they were all strangers mere hours before.

These drunken (and occasionally drug-induced) sexual trysts were desperate attempts to fill the void where her heart… and soul, used to be. But each night and every lover seemed to perpetuate the hollowness that encompassed her and her hunger grew insatiable. She could not stand to be alone with herself. Her thoughts ran rampant. Self-deprecating. Attention-seeking. She needed to feel… something, anything. She scrolled through the names in her contact list of her iPhone.


There was no last name. She sent him a text.

Wanna come over?”