Sore body. Sore mind. Strong Spirit.

Two weeks until exams. Damn. The mere repetition of the words has my heart beating out of sync…

Here’s a glimpse of the day’s (yesterday’s) events; a foreshadowing of the nature of days to follow preceding exams.

Fasted training at 6:00am:
squats, extensions/curls, deads. Higher volume with moderate weight. Had to stop when legs started seizing.

10x10x60 hamstring curl
10x10x60 leg extensions
5x10x80 deadlifts
8x10x67 ATG squats

Wobbled home, took the stairs, had breakfast, talked to famjam and began studying.

Lunch followed by some housekeeping. Then, back to study.

Snack break (watched True Blood).
Back to study.

By 8:10pm, I was spent, couldn’t focus, was feeling exhausted and strained.
By 9pm, I was in bed.
By 10pm, I was dead to the world.

I woke up at 5 today, body must’ve needed the sleep. My legs sore. My head feels heavy. But.. I must forge ahead.

13 more days…