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Turkey & Spinach Stuffed Sweet Potato Mash!

I tried to be efficient and set this post to auto-publish on June 28th (day 175); however, I set it to JULY 28th! Oopsies. So tonight’s post will be postponed (ha!) and this post will be posted instead 🙂

This past weekend (which is now a few weekends ago), my microwave broke, so no oven and no microwave. Which wouldn’t be all that bad except I was keen on making this recipe (http://paleomg.com/clean-it-up-mondays-turkey-and-spinach-stuffed-sweet-potatoes/) from hands down, my favourite paleo food blogger (she doesn’t even know I exist), Juli @ http://www.Paleomg.com Seriously, I read her blogs as I imagine she typed it; fast and kinda ADD. It’s awesome. I wish law textbooks were like that.

Actually no, I take that back. I TAKE THAT BACK! …

Anyway, the recipe is linked above, but since i didn’t have an oven, I boiled my sweet potato and then drank the stock as tea afterwards 🙂


125g ground turkey
spinach (I buy frozen, six frozen cubes in a pack for $1.09, SOLD! so I just used one block)
1tbsp minced garlic


ta-da! Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy food-blog worthy camera to capture my ‘culinary masterpieces,’ so this will have to do 🙂

1 tbsp unsalted butter
1/2 red onion
1tbsp Rosemary (cause that goes with Turkey, right??)
Black Pepper
Chilli Powder
Salt to taste


1. Let turkey and frozen spinach thaw in fridge. Once thawed, move on to step 2!
2. Boil sweet potato; poke holes and cut into smaller pieces for faster boiling 🙂
3. Place unsalted butter in warm skillet, add onions and let caramelize. Add garlic.
4. Add thawed turkey and spinach, add seasoning and cook til water dries out– not the turkey, just the water.
5. Cover and remove from heat.
6. Once sweet potato is done, mash the sucker up.
7. Mix in turkey.
8. Enjoy!

The meal took me all of maybe 20 minutes to make, and it was damn good, too! Thank you, Juli! Pretty sure a few ‘renditions’ of her recipes will be posted up here as she is my go–to for good, clean paleo eats.

Ciao… get it?! It sounds like chow… and its a food post! oh snap! 😉