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Training legs has been my biggest goal since my photoshoot in April 2012. In all honesty, training legs has always been my favourite and here are some reasons why; 

1. Legs are bigger muscle group –> more muscle meant more food 🙂

2. Legs are sexy, come on this is general knowledge.

3. Legs are the epitome of femininity.

4. I used to get made fun of for my “long legs”

To this day, I can pinpoint the day in the high school cafeteria, the jeans I was wearing because thought they made my legs look nice, only to hear snickering comments behind my back from ‘friends’ saying quite the opposite.

I hated high school. With a passion. In high school I learnt I was not one of the ‘beautiful people,’ that I was liked for what I did, not who I was, I was a “behind-the-scenes” person in more senses than one and often forgotten there. The list goes on, but I won’t. It’s sufficient to say, I hated high school. However, it taught me many, many things, and like most things that have dark memories attached, I have learned to channel that darkness to serve me.

Fast forward a few years after having discovered weight training (read: finding my niche), squats, deads and variations in between, my legs got a different kind of attention– a positive one!

I don’t have the greatest legs, or the strongest ones, but you know what; legs are still my favourite training day, they get stronger every session and the best bit… they look pretty damn good in a pair of jeans.

#meangirlssuck #hatersaremotivators