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For the amount of time and importance my training and nutritional regime takes (read: the physical component of my holy trinity), there really isn’t a proper representation of it in my blogosphere.

I call misrepresentation!


misrep! misrep!

Ironically, I realised this when I caught myself contemplating tomorrows workout while reading for my Law of Obligations class; Actually, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been thinking about adding in recipes and keeping an online food diary/journal to track the progress of my goals to “clean bulk” and gain strength while staying relatively lean.

Here’s the angle (Instagram followers you’re already familiar with this agenda);

law school abs!

Apparently freshman fifteen doesn’t stop there. Oh no, folks pack on the pounds in grad school, too. I haven’t found any statistics to back that up (you can thank law school for my newly acquired need to back up every statement with evidence), but I see it happening… and I’ve heard the horror stories.

So, dear reader, what’s in store…

Recipes, pictures, training regimes, the whole 9 yards. This ever evolving blog is changing yet again, but the foundation remains the same; self development through self-knowledge and understanding.

This is my philosophy.

This is my therapy.

This is me, the philotherapist.