Trying a new format for the blog. Bored? Nope. Procrastinating? Yep.

It’s been quite the week, and I haven’t been eating for #lawschoolabs. The past two days have been dirty (read: Indian food, pizza, cake and cookies). It’s safe to say I may have gone overboard on my designated cheat meal. Speaking of cheating…

It’s getting cold.

What the deuce?! I could see my breath this morning as I stood catching my breath after I ran to the bus stop (the only time you’ll ever see me running). It was more of a hill sprint, actually; I’m not that unconditioned.  Speaking of conditioning…

My chest is sore.

Had a super-set chest and back workout yesterday. Heavy weights followed by knuckle pushups and pull ups. Today we recover with calisthenics; more push-ups at home between cases. I bought a pull-up bar, but the one door I have in the unit (to the bathroom) doesn’t have a thick enough ledge for the bar apparatus to hold on to. Speaking of holding on…

T-5 weeks until the semester is over.