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Day 164

My dad and I have had a tumultuous relationship, as I’m sure most daddy and daughters have had at some point in their relationship.

He’s over protective.
He’s very old school.
He’s strict.
He expects a lot.
He’s stuck in his ways.
He thinks he’s always right.
He usually is.
He even looks mean.

But as I’ve grown up and learned to read his “love language,” I’ve realized that all those things actually meant…

He loves me the most.
He doesn’t like change and what he knows work(ed).
He understands dedication without discipline is useless.
He sees my potential and pushes me to cultivate it. constantly.
He’s old hah.. see no.2 above.
He’s got experience.
He knows his Sh!t…
He’s a big ol’ (teddy) bear.

I am a lot like my dad and that’s why we’ve butt heads as much as we have in the past, or at least that’s what my mom and brother say. It’s not always true what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Distance tests relationships; some break, some grow stronger. I’m happy to report it’s the latter for us! The distance has served us very well, it’s allowed him to “let me go” and in turn, our relationship is not one of necessity or obligation or even of proximity, but of appreciation, love and respect.

Ok, maybe he's not that mean looking...

Ok, maybe he’s not that mean looking…

I dislike that I’m not there to celebrate Father’s Day with him this year, but as he says, “we don’t wait for birthdays and fathers days or mothers day or Christmas… ” Nope. We don’t wait for a reason to celebrate each other, we find a reason every day to celebrate each other.

Nonetheless, I called the family to talk to dad on Father’s Day, they’ve bought new furniture (recliners), painted the family room and are having roast chicken dinner with tiramisu. Despite my cheerfulness, my dad knows I’m sad to not be there, so he sends me this;


Poor spelling aside, that’s my daddy. I love him and miss him dearly. Xo