Day 148

Alas, week 3 of semester 2 has come to and end. Iit’s crazy to think we’re 1/4 of the way through the semester. What’s more crazy is the influx of assignments streaming in…

There’s a letter writing assignment in week 4.

Two oral presentations in week 6.

Another letter writing assignment in week 8.

Another oral (negotiation) assignment in week 10.

Quite different from the semester we had last semester which consisted of one written assignment per class and one mid-semester test (which had the option of being omitted if we wanted our final to be weighted heavier).

It’s going to be (another) hectic semester, but I feel pretty good about it. Maybe it was the trip home and the encouragement of loved ones, who knows, but I’m ready to plough through this degree… in HD 😉

Xo. 20130320-062749.jpg