Day 142…

I’m back! … Actually, I’ve been back for just over two weeks now. The lack of blogging since my return is testament to the whirlwind of the life I returned to after a rejuvenating trip home to Canada. But first, I must first give tribute…



My best got married on May 3rd, 2013 (link to video below), thank the stars for aligning and allowing me to witness the happiest day of her life.

In my 24 years of life, there are about 5 people who have embedded themselves deep within the crevices of my heart. Of those, there are two (arguably 3) people, who have been witness to my vulnerability. She is one of those people. To say she is strong would be a grave understatement. I actually don’t think there is an appropriate word for the amount of strength and tenacity that is Manmeet Mandair-Gill.

We’ve only been friends for five years now and I can say that I’ve yet to meet someone who can hold a light to the person she is. When I told her I was moving across the world, she expressed her happiness for me and how proud she was of me. She constantly reminded me how this move would be the best thing for me. In fact, she was so stoked about this move that I wondered whether she would even miss me while I was away. I found out on my trip home that she cried the day I left because her “best friend” had moved across the world. It got me thinking about the term, “best friend” ..

For a while, we were inseparable, but we were never the friends that went out clubbing, or took trips together. In fact, I kinda felt out-of-place in her group of friends, not because of anything they said or did (they’re lovely!). I just wasn’t big on the social scene and Manu, well, she IS the party. I was more of a behind-the-scenes kind of friend, the supporting role; it’s what I’m familiar with, it’s what I understood friendship to be. I would’ve been happy to watch her wedding from afar, so when she asked me to speak at her reception, I was honoured to say the least. Then on the morning of her wedding when she asked to see me… I mean c’mon. It’s the morning of her wedding, moments before she takes the most important steps of your life, and she thinks, “Where is Sheetal??” … That’s something, my heart melted and apparently started leaking through my eyes.. 😐

Bold & Beautiful.

…and Beautiful.

I have looked up to Manu since I have met her. She is unapologetic for the person she is, and rightfully so. Manmeet has stood up for me when I wouldn’t stand up for myself, defended me so I wouldn’t have to defend myself. She has chosen my side and stayed true to it. She’s been selfish with me, protective of me and hard on me. She has ensured (both intentionally and unintentionally) that I knew I was cared for. She is one of very few people I can count on to speak freely with, knowing her reactions are not judgements on my character, but expressions of her concern for me and my wellbeing– just as she knows the same holds true for me with respect to her. She loves fiercely and fearlessly.She is THE badass.

As we have grown older and somewhat apart, as it often happens in life, I don’t think it’s possible to show her how much she truly means to me. My actions and efforts perhaps fall short of doing justice to the feelings behind them. She is the friend I never knew I wanted and the friend, Lord knows, I needed. I am grateful for the memories we have shared as friends in our “younger years” and look forward to the memories we will share in our adult lives; however they manifest. Near or far, she will always have a place in my heart and in my prayers.

I wish her only the very best as she begins the rest of her life, happily ever after.

Her wedding video: