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Day …

At some point, we stop counting how many days have passed and start counting how many days we have left. This marks a shift in our perspective. A change of temperament…

Five Days

Five days until my first final exam for law school. Later that day is my second exam and 2 days later is my third… Worth 70% of my grade.

By institutional standards, I’ve done well so far. Maintaining a grade which I’m told would grant me entrance into any PhD program at the institution without having completed an otherwise pre-requisite Masters program. But it could all be gone in an instant. I am never at ease. Comfort has long forsaken me.

Play your own game

There is always someone willing to do what you refuse to, or hesitate to do. Waiting. Anticipating. But they are not of concern (anymore). I must aspire to expectations which I have created for myself. The only standard I have to succeed is the one I set the day before.

The comforts of complacency have been replaced with a welcomed discomfort of growing pains. I am coddled with the unrelenting pressure of the looming failure that awaits the moment I succumb to being satisfied with good enough and the joy of reaching greater heights with the rising sun.