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I have never seen an episode of Mad Men; however, I do have a keen interest in martial arts and self-defense. So when an email landed in my inbox about “unarmed self defense,” I was quick to read it through (vs. leaving it unread and moving it to a folder titled, “to read after law school releases you from its death grip”). Okay, that’s not really what the name of the folder is, but a folder exists.

Anyway! I’ll write an update on life and law school soon. But for now, check out the link below and stay safe my ninjas. It’s mostly pictures and could potentially save your life. Do it.

Click me.

Learn how to “Defend Yourself from Chokes from the Front

Or, “Subdue a Thug Who Tries to Choke You From Behind

Or, “Protect Yourself from a Knife Wielder


Or, you could just break their nose…

These tips might not save you from the undercover ninjas of the world (which is why I suggest sprinting as self defense; fast twich muscles –> better reaction time –> faster –> escape).

**Image reproduced from http://artofmanliness.com/2013/03/14/don-draper-judo-unarmed-self-defense-from-the-mad-men-era/