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Day 50

Can you say carb-heavy(en)? I tried to be clever there, law school has done a number on my sense of humour.

I actually had an entire text conversation with a colleague counter arguing his conclusion that a particular teacher was assigning me extra work because I am a nerd! I won, of course. Even if I accepted his initial premise (that I am a nerd), his logic wasn’t sound, he was inverting statements and pulling all kinds of “logical acrobatics” as he called it.

I didn’t deny his premise though. I couldn’t, really. Clearly, that ship sailed ages ago! It’s okay, nerds are cool now. Geek chic, it’s a thing. don’t call it a comeback.

Last weekend I didn’t go grocery shopping so by Wednesday my mini fridge was looking kinda bare. I resorted to some of the initial “inventory” my parents had stocked: Weet-Bix with muesli (which is like trail mix) was lunch the other day. I felt like a legit Australian. Dinner was.. Brace yourself, 2-minute noodles and a can of Pepsi max. I know I know… it won’t happen again.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping, bought FRESH and frozen VEGGIES, meats, nuts, a bit of fruit and in the interest of full disclosure: My FIRST chocolate hot cross bun. Ah-mazing fluffy, sticky goodness. All these Australian novelties! I had to… Guilt sank in and my tummy felt as soft as my will power. *cut to meal prep*
The excess carbs apparently gave me super strength which broke my knife cutting veggies. Bada$$. They also came in handy for todays crazy leg workout. Even more bada$$.

Squats, super set with bodyweight lunges
1×15 @45lbs
1×8 @45lbs + 20kg
1×4 @45lbs + 35kg
1×4 @45lbd + 40kg
1×8 @45lbs + 20kg
1×15 @45lbs

Leg-press super set with calf raises
1×15 @ 80kg
1×8 @ 100kg
1×4 @ 120kg
1×4 @ 120kg
1×8 @ 100kg
1×15 @ 80kg

Leg extension stack down sets: heavy weight for 5, lighter weight for 15, lighter still for 15. Superset with squat jumps. 4 rounds.

I have no idea what the weights are, but I started in pin 9, then 6, then 3. IT BURNS!

Leg curl stack down sets: heavy weight for 5, lighter weight for 15, lighter still for 15. Superset with reverse lunges. 3 rounds.

Again, using the pins, I started at 10, then 7, then 4. I think my hamstrings are stronger than my quads.

I still haven’t calculated my weights, I guess that’s the benefit of lifting “blind”.. Your mind can’t psych you out. If anything, I’m probably lifting heavier because the numbers are smaller in kgs.

I’m going to clean up my eating and shed some bodyfat %’s heading into the last 6 weeks of this semester. I’m going to incorporate some sprints and HIIT training to boot.

Schooling, check.
Training, check.
Eating, check.

I’m dialed in. Are you?