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Day 42

Anyone who knows me knows my brother and the role he plays in my life. The kid is my anchor, between him and my dad, I’m not sure what chance I have of ever finding a man to love me more than they do… but I know he’s out there somewhere…

Among other things, my brother is a powerlifter and I’m pleased to say that on Feb. 2012 he not only competed, but placed in the BCPA Winter Open and has qualified to proceed to Nationals in March. My brother has been working out since he was 13. I’ve watched him grow from a scrawny, sickly pre-teen to a powerhouse who can easily overhead press me and deadlift 500lbs. His journey is amazing and inspiring.

What contributed to my rant/frustration last week was not being able to support my brother as he stepped onto his first competitive platform and OWN it! While I wrote my first law school exam, my brother competed at his first meet. He weighed in at 83.1kg and the judges pushed him into the 93kg category.

It's not a difficult last name to spell.. but there he is, FLIGHT #3.

It’s not a difficult last name to spell.. but there he is, FLIGHT #3.

Yep, 0.1kg… He could’ve peed that out, but the judge wouldn’t allow it. Pissed as he was (yes, pun intended), he remained calm, yet another quality of his I admire. He channelled that anger into his lifts and as a result he placed SECOND… in a weight class 10kgs ABOVE HIM. And this was after he spent the day spotting and loading/unloading weights for the “Special Olympic/Powerlifting” teams; a position he volunteered for.

That my friends, is the type of man my brother is.

When my brother told me how his meet went it was a wake-up call. Last weekend, when I hit a wall, I got upset and weepily did what I had to do. My brother hit a wall and crushed it. Like so many times before, I was humbled by my younger brother. I think my parents did better with the parenting thing the second time around 😉

After I talked to him and he told me he looked up to me, I shook my head and furrowed my brow. I GOT THIS. I ploughed through my readings and worked ahead to complete my homework assignments for the week. THE WEEK, people.

I also hit up the gym EVERY DAY and hit a new PR for ATG squats, because ‘the others don’t count’

I cranked out edits on several ebooks (as part of my freelance gig as a tech writer for FighterDiet.com), updated my CV and met with the Career Development Office to discuss potential employment opportunities.

Yes, nothing about being here is easy, but neither am I.


Special thanks to everyone who has offered their support and continues to encourage me and my journey. Xo