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Days 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27

Storm leaves Coast homes powerless

Storm whips up foam on the Gold Coast

 Heavy rains in Australia leave 4 dead

So, there was a bit of a storm over the weekend. I’m safe and dry. I was wondering how I would get to school on Monday after seeing the wind and rain blow outside of my apartment on Sunday night. I could hear the wind from behind closed doors and at one point in the night, the winds were so loud, it woke me up. By daytime on Monday, the rain had turned into a light mist and the wind was tolerable, so I ventured out to campus to return a book that was due that day. Campus was empty, it looked abandoned. Soon after, I received an email from our lecturer that class had been cancelled (1/2 before class, mind you) and that campus would be closing shortly. I stuck around for a bit, knowing some of my classmates would not have read the email and would be arriving shortly. They were not amused. Most of us live near campus and walk to school, and what I thought was “just a mist” still managed to soak us by the time we got to campus. Graciously, one of my classmates offered to drive me back home on the way to hers.  I looked outside and the wind was picking up and the rain was no longer “just a mist.” I sheepishly agreed knowing what would take me 12 minutes in hot, humid rain, clothes wet and sticking to me, could be avoided in a 2 minute drive.

I came home and called my parents, mom had emailed asking if I was okay after having heard about the storms that had struck Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We had a good chat, and a good laugh; back home we had snow days, not rain/wind/coastal tornado days. I spent the afternoon sitting on my couch with the balcony door slightly open (having left it open the day before, my carpet had gotten wet from the wind-blown rain). I could hear and smell the rain and it was peaceful. A storm was going on, but I found solace in that storm. I was present. I wasn’t reading or worried about reading, I was taking in where I was, where I am.; admist a coastal storm.

The following days were on again, off again, rain and sunshine. Wednesday (yesterday) was our first day back on campus and there were still a few puddles around, and a broken umbrella. We’re behind a week in lectures, so that means rescheduling and making up/cramming them into another week, which none of us are too excited about, but life goes on.

I can’t help but think to myself how I was cursing the heat, walking shirt and all, now it’s rain, rain and more rain. Why can’t everything I put into the universe be acted on as instatnaneously?? … Uh oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said that! 😉