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Day 17

I tend to forget about the consequences or instant karma I have with respect to putting things into the universe. My last post was about my dislike of the sun and getting darker, well… today it rained.  Cut to me walking home in shorts, a WHITE top and flip flops.  Luckily, because the classrooms are so cold with the a/c, I had packed a light cardigan which saved me from the cold of the classroom and potential embarassment (white clothing + water = transparency). The rain here isn’t cold; its warm, add to that the already humid climate and it feels like the city is a damp room/post-hot shower bathroom. I came home and put on a pair of sweats and a tank top. The rain reminds me of home… but it smells different… I spoke to my mom yesterday, I think she knows our events calendar better than I do.  From information sessions about clerkships, to exam schedule release dates, she’s got it down pat! She even asked if I was going to the breakfast for law school students tomorrow. I had forgotten that the Canadian Law Student Association (CLSA) on campus (yes, there are that many of us that we have our own administrative body here) is having a welcome brekky! Pancakes, CANADIAN maple syrup, CANADIAN bacon and .. TIM HORTONS! Cool eh? 😉

My backpack attacked me, then it broke. Casualties of grocery shopping.

My backpack attacked me, then it broke. Casualties of grocery shopping.

I told her my backpack broke and she asked in concern, “how many books do you have to carry??” but I wasn’t carrying any; it happened while shopping for groceries. The buckle broke under the pressure of the weight from my FOOD– I guess I’m still not used to packaging/weights being in kg versus pounds, but I am becoming more familiar with some things. It’s a far cry from comfortable, but it’d be safe to say I’m beginning to feel a little less uncomfortable. Walking through the aisles, I still have to look up and read which each aisle contains, but I don’t have to decipher as much. For example, museli has its own ‘section,’ which back home would be granola, or cereal. Cookies are called biscuits, which completely takes the fun out of them; I mean c’mon, Oreo biscuits? Really? Lollies are candies and/or chocolates. Po-po is another name for payaya and should not be eaten in large quantities despite how big and wonderfully awesome they are. Google why. A lady never tells.

Consume with caution :)

Consume with caution 🙂

There were specials on BBQ materials/foods for Australia day next week(end), which ironically, we learned about in class today! We also learned that despite it being a long weekend, we still have class. Bond only observes two statutory holidays; Easter and ANZAC day (which I understand to be somewhat like Rememberance day in Canada). This school is hardcore. Know what else is hardcore… Kangaroo meat. I think I’m going to try it next week… blog to follow.**If I follow through with it!