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Day 13/14

Flip flop tan-lines!

I’ve mentioned that the walk to school is about 12 minutes, which isn’t bad, except when the sun is blazing.  I’ve also mentioned I’ve gotten a few shades darker; think en route to figure/bodybuilding-competition ready tanning, but without the shredded-ness. Yeah, not cool. Pretty soon I’m afraid I’ll lose the mocha colour I have now and go all Vijay Singh and make my teeth look glow-in-the-dark!
Enter, the walking shirt.This airy, loose-fit Asics DRI-FIT running shirt has become my skin-saver. I bought it as a workout shirt from ROSS in Belligham for cheap, if you haven’t been– you *should* go. It was one of my favourite workout shirts; now, its my favourite shirt. Its worn EVERY DAY when I trek to school or to the bus stop. I keep a spare shirt in my backpack, which I change into once I get to school.  Then, when it’s time to walk back and the sun’s still out, the walking shirt comes to the rescue. Once I’m home, I give it a quick hand wash and hang it outside to dry. Within a few hours, it’s clean, dry and ready to save my skin again. Unfortunately, it’s the only one I have of its kind and the shirt is black, but it’s the lesser of two evils.

48 hours? Well, that’s false advertising!

Speaking of that lesser evil; anti-perspirent here sucks. You would think that at $4 a pop for a tiny roll-on liquid stick thingy, and in consideration of the climate, deodarant and anti-perspirent would be a bit more heavy duty. Nope. I glide it on, several swipes and before I step out the door, I can feel beads of sweat running down my arm. Thanks to a healthy diet, at least it’s not smelly, but still; sweat stains aren’t very lady like. In the gym, yes! Bring on the sweat! On campus, during presentations, in social groups and in the frigid A/C of our classrooms.. not as bada$$. I’m not the only one in this ant-anti-perspirent boat! A few of my female Canadian colleagues on campus have decided to use men’s anti-perspirent, another is using a clinically tested product… hourly. You know how most women keep touch-up makeup in their purse? Yeah, we’re keeping anti-perspirent in ours.Moreover, this situation has seriously limited my wardrobe! I brought lots of cute, fancy lawyer-ish clothes– none of them have made it outside my apartment! Every morning, I slide the door to my closet and look at them, one day… I dread the day we have mock-trials and we have to don our professional attire… 😐

I’ve been told that in time our bodies will climatize, I sure hope so. Otherwise my next care package is going to have to contain some industrial strength anti-perspirent… and a few more loose-fit dri-fit shirts from ROSS.