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Day 12

Today I learned why it’s wise to walk closer to the middle of the walkways then near the corners, or edges of the walkway.  Creepy crawlys live there! It was a tiny little gecko that scurried at the sound of my shoe on the pavement. He was probably only 3 inches long and not even 1/2 inch wide. Thank the lord(!) I was wearing my runners and not flip flops! Oh my, I wanted to squeal, but I think the shock suffocated it. It wasn’t so much fear as it was surprise; and not a good surprise like finding a mysterious note in your jean pocket! Details on that later…

I guess for a moment I had forgotten where (geographically) I was — creepy crawly central, Australia! I have to admit though, it’s been easy to forget. It’s not like I’m living in the outback, it’s a fairly metro city, but the climate allows for a more diverse population. Admittedly, I’ve been pretty lucky; no spiders, no ant infestations, no cockroaches, the occasional fruit fly, not even a mosquito (or mosquito bite). A classmate mentioned that during the first week she saw a hunstmen spider. I “googled” a picture to post, but frick they’re disgusting looking and I felt like they were crawling all over me so I quickly closed the tab. I was not going to have that on my page as I tried to write.

If you want to see them, click here.

That same classmate also mentioned an “ant infestation” in her building. She said it very nonchalantly too, like its commonplace here; “stepping on and killing ants left, right and centre”– INSIDE her unit.

I walk around with no shoes on, balcony door open; no bugs, no flies, no ants, no spiders. *touch wood* .. I’m sure the prayers and positive vibes of friends and family had a hand in that, so thank you for putting that into the universe for me; but I also do my due dilligence to avoid a chance rendezvous with a six or eight-legged creature.

After dark, the balcony doors are closed, I don’t leave food out and unattended overnight, I remove my garbage nightly (regardless of how much or how little is in there) and I keep the place clean and tidy. I don’t go near the ocean in the dark times, heck, I don’t even go out during the dark times (more dangerous creatures like first-years and party-hardy’s come out in the dark)! I dont provoke other insects (you never know, they could have other, bigger insect friends just around the corner!) nor do I go looking for them, and I’m very conscience of the ground and trees when I walk around them– which is exactly how I spotted Mr. Gecko this morning. Could you imagine walking under a tree and having a spider FALL ON YOU! Gross!

And now I’m thinking about the googled images of spiders… On that note, it’s time to close the balcony door and take out the garbage!