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Day 11

I received my first care package today, from Fiji!  After my parents settled me into my “swank” apartment (yes, I will always be referring to it as swank because there aren’t many other opportunities I get to use the word), they went to Fiji for a little R&R.  As a thank you, I booked them into the Hilton hotel for a few nights.  HOWEVER, while they were SUPPOSED to be vacationing, they went on the search for some “essentials” I had left at home which were either ridiculously overpriced, or unavailable within a 30km radius.

The Essentials!

The Essentials!

Anyone who has ever been around me while they’ve had a cold, knows about VICKS. I lather this marvelous vapour rub and within 24 hours, my cold and any congestion, is gone! Zandu balm and Tiger balm on the other hand, are multipupose balms for injuries, mosquito bites and overall smelling awesome.

It’s all very very good.