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Day 10

On Monday, January 14th, 2o13, I stepped into my first (official) law school lecture; Principles of Contractual Liability. Wow. Law is … Beautiful.

The structure, the complexity, the ambiguity… the potential. All of it, I soaked it in and couldn’t wait to go home to soak in some more. I managed a quick call home between lectures and then I was off to Australian Legal System class.  The same professor who had given us our Day 2 of Orientation, Ms. M. Her enthusiasm and passion for law is contagious, and she’s funny too! I’m pretty sure I had a dorkish grin for most of the day, except for a brief period of 5 minutes in each class as they went over the grading scheme.

"Are you the 5%?"

“Are YOU the 5 – 10 %?”

Game face.  I set my sights on being the 5 – 10%.  As the professor continued to talk about contracts, I decided to create one for myself (that I’m sure is missing components which I’ll learn about over the next 11 weeks).  This contract is between me and me; both consenting and coherent.

The premise of the contract is this:

To commit to do everything that is asked of me (as per the course outlines) within my capability; including, but not limited to, using all of the resources and services available to me and taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselvesto complete EACH course of the Juris Doctors program with High Distinctions and graduate with equal ranking upon completion of the program in December 2014.

There; it’s no longer just a goal, it’s a contract. Today I learned that what makes law, law is that it can be enforced. Do what thou wilt shall be the rule of the law. Thus, failure to comply with the contract will result in the responsibility and knowledge of havin compromised my education. That’s not something I’m willing to live with (Read: associating enough “bad” with not doing it and enough “good” to do it, Anthony Robbins)  

It might not be legally binding, or officially contractual (for starters, its missing “considerations” and names of parties involved), but it’s out there. In the universe. On the inter-web. And if I wasn’t feeling accountability before, I sure as heck am now!