Day 6

Burnout? No thanks, I'd rather leave a blazing trail.

Burnout? No thanks, I’d rather leave a blazing trail.

Ms. A received her legal counsel today with respect to her sexual harassment suit… from a class of 30 JD students (20 of which, by the way, are Canadian). We were given another, more in depth, lecture today about what to expect this term.  For example, what the difference between lectures, seminars and tutorials are, how to use the law library, how to take notes and how to write.  Lawyers are required to decipher statutes, contracts, cases and legislatures full of legal jargon; however, when dealing with clients, our communication needs to be concise and to the point! I feel like law school will provide me the tools required to consolidate my writing without compromising any pertinent details and deciphering which details are relevant; a legal skill we’ll be practicing over the course of the program. This is great news for someone whose been “called out” for writing novels in place of an 8 hour shift turnover report! I’m also curious to see how the education and influence of legal writing effects my leisure writing.

Will my blogging become boring, lack-lustre addendums to “the law school experience”?

Will my inclination to conversational writing hinder my legal writing skills?

Or, will blogging serve as a helpful medium to maintain a perfect equilibrium of bada$$ and business?

A few students have expressed that they are becoming increasingly anxious as the days go by and faculty members present statistics in relation to attrition, depression in lawyers and burn outs in the profession and law school itself. Oddly enough, the more difficult everyone makes law school out to be, the more eager I am to sink my teeth into it and really get into the thick of things. The professor is a former Canadian herself and she will be teaching our Australian Legal System class (which starts Monday). She made it clear that law is hard, complicated and messy, but that all of that is what makes law “so much fun!”  I think I’ll enjoy her class, and her twisted sense of humour!