Day 5

Today’s orientation was an introduction to law school.  I was beaming throughout the entire session; even the part when they were giving us the “honest truth” about the pressures of law school– this is what I’d been waiting for! One of the lecturers of the first year course, Australian Legal Systems (ALS) was the emcee for the day. The different departments (student services, graduate development office, law library, legal skills and representatives of the different student law school associations) briefly talked about their services and one professor even gave us a few mock lectures to illustrate the different styles of lecturing we will experience.  Then they fed us and assigned us our homework (sneaky buggers). Our homework tonight is to use the information from the lectures (case studies on sexual harassment and vicarious liability), identity the “key elements” of each statute or legislature and help our client Ms. A, who is seeking legal counsel on the matter of sexual harassment in the workplace.


In all the excitement, I couldn’t even stabilize my hands to take the picture!

There are a lot of Canadians here; in fact, about 40% of the program is made up of Canadian students. There’s even a Canadian association on campus that serves pancake breakfasts with maple syrup and has Tim Hortons coffee shipped in! Australia doesn’t “do” drip-coffee, they only serve espresso-based drinks and premium coffees… and accordingly charge them as such.

Thankfully, I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker; tea is my drink of choice (in fact, I packed a small collection and brought it with me).  However in this heat, tea is not a viable option; multiple showers are. On that note… I’m off to get my lawyer on and get cracking on Ms. A’s case!