Day 3

So, pedestrians do not have right of way here. Just a little tip I picked up en route to campus this morning… and again this arvo (I’m starting to pick up on the Australian lingo).  

Lanyard, check. Water bottle, check. Checklist, check!

Lanyard, check. Water bottle, check. Checklist, check!

Today was the first day of orientation week. I walked to campus (long sleeve shirt & shorts to even out colour) donning my “University of the Fraser Valley” backpack (kindly gifted to me by my beloved co-workers at MarCom as a going away prezzie and perhaps a subtle international recruiting tact). I enrolled in my classes, got all my student accounts set up, even visited a few booths on campus – I’ll be donating blood, platelets and plasma in no time! (read: Australian Red Cross Blood Services). It felt like first day of university all over again, branded people with branded water bottles, pens, highlighters and bags of goodies everywhere. Because OzTrekk had already given its students a tour yesterday, OzTrekk being the third party agency I applied through, I opted out of the campus tour and headed home early. I did some laundry, caught up with a few mates online and called some family (the Aus-Canada time difference gives us a small window of conversation), then walked down to the nearby plaza to check out the 54-hour gym. Speaking of fitness, have I mentioned how people here in the Gold Coast are oh so beautiful?  Sun-kissed skin, washboard abs and TATTOOS galore. Okay, maybe not everyone, but for the most part, people here are pretty fit and usually half naked! Even I feel out of place. But everyone I’ve met, be it a stranger on the street or my bank-lady, has been super friendly and let’s be honest, the accent just adds to their appeal. I’m starting to think I’m really going to enjoy my time here 😉

Some of the '108' don't necessarily tickle my fancy, but it's still a pretty good list to go by!

Some of the ‘108’ don’t necessarily tickle my fancy, but it’s still a pretty good list to go by!

On my way home I picked up a pamphlet for “108 things to see and do” on the Gold Coast, this is very much a tourist city. With beautiful beaches in neighbouring suburbs, sea world and dreamworld only 15 minutes away (GC is the theme park capital of Australia), the Gold Coast is full of activities and adventures that I’m hoping my school schedule will allow me to experience and explore. So far my to-do list includes:- As many water sports as possible (this includes, but is not limited to)
Surfing, jet skiing (did the jet boat rides thing in Sydney), scuba diving and/or snorkelling
– Sky diving
– Hang-gliding
– Feeding a kangaroo and petting a koala bear
– Getting a picture of a dingo
– Swimming with sharks… just kidding!
And the list goes on…

What are some other things I should be checking out while I’m here? After I finish my reading, homework and assignments, of course! 😉