Day 2


My sleep breaks at about 3am here and I’m able to watch the sunrise from my apartment. It’s nice to sit on my balcony with a chilled shaker cup of CytoGreens (packed in my ‘box of comfort’ from home) and watch the sun wake up as the world around me is still asleep.  Back home, I’d be en route to the gym at this time. I miss my gym back home. The familiar faces of the regulars, the friendly smiles of my co-workers (i.e, the front line staff). Unfortunately, since I’ve been here my training has been on a hiatus and the at-home workouts just aren’t cutting it! My body is softening, my callouses are healing and I know I haven’t been fuelling my body for strength. But soon enough (read: 3 days), watching the sunrise will be followed by a warm up jog to the gym for a proper morning workout which will entail heavy lifting and hard training. Thankfully in the “stress” of the transition, which entailed worry, homesickness and feeling overwhelmed, my appetite has been next to non-existent. So not too much damage control will be required. My training is going to hit new levels while I’m here, I’ve dabbled with a lot of different things; training for size, training for strength, training for fun, leaning out for fitness photos, just doing random sh!t. This time, I’ll be a little more focused on my goals and follow through.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that’s how I feel about everything across the board. This entire chapter is about follow through. I’m following through on my goals, my aspirations and my dreams and I’m going big cause really, going home just isn’t an option.

Is it scary? Yes. Is it new? Yes. Is it different? Oh hell yes. But if nothing changes, nothing changes. Growth happens outside of our comfort zone. Life beings beyond your comfort zone. How many more catch phrases/motivational quotes do you need? This time of year there’s a lot of talk about change, don’t let that be all it is; talk. New years resolutions are overrated. Stop resolving. Start solving.

Set Goals.
Make Plans.
Take Actions.

Write it down. Put it into the universe. Tell your league of extraordinaries about it. Make it happen.