Hello from the land down under! Thank you all for you support and encouragement over the past three weeks as I prepared for the next (perhaps biggest) adventure of my life thus far; law school in Australia.


The path continues…

I had written a wonderful segue blog that outlined why I’m studying law and why I’m studying it in Australia, but that post is sitting in the drafts folder of the wordpress app on my iphone 4S which is making its way back to Canada because Rogers… well… that’s a rant that’ll have to wait. Nonetheless, I’m here, I’m settled in to a swank apartment and tomorrow (Sunday), I meet with my agency’s representative for a campus tour and welcome before orientation week begins on Monday.



The weather is awesome; it’s been sunny every day since I’ve been here, I’ve actually gotten a few shades darker I think! Thankfully, there’s been a nice breeze so the heat is bearable, however during early hours of the day I try to stay indoors and away from direct sunlight/heat.  There are no worries about bugs, spiders or snakes. It’s a clean and safe neighbourhood just a few minutes walk away from campus, which is absolutely stunning!It honestly feels like I’m in a whole new world, completely out of my comfort zone. Back home I knew where my work was, where my gym was, where my school was, where my friends were, etc. and all of it was at an arm’s reach; within a 20km radius for the most part. I knew how much my electricity was, how the internet worked, I could drive, everything was accessible and in abundance! I was comfortable. Here, I’m not driving, I’m not sure where many things are (yet) and I have to look at each coin before I pay because even that’s different too! Very uncomfortableThe thought of going back home never crossed my mind, because I’m here on a mission – a law degree, and I’m not leaving town without it, but the thought “What the heck have I gotten myself into?!” has crossed my mind a few times.

Intense + Unknown + Unfamiliar + Uncomfortable = Nausea

I understand that law school, especially a program that has been condensed into two years (versus four) will be comprehensive and probably intense at times, but that’s okay; I like intense, I can handle intense. However, adding ‘the unknown,’  ‘the unfamiliar’ and ‘the uncomfortable’ to that equation had me questioning my success and decision to come here. Thankfully, I have a pretty awesome support network, made up of even more awesome people (that includes you, dear reader), who remind me of everything our insecurities tend to make us forget. They help me conquer the little demons in my head that tell me this task is too big and beyond me measure and that I should go back to what I know, but that’s not an option.


Campus again!

So here I am, marking this as the first page of the next chapter of my life; on my own (but not alone), in a foreign land with unfamiliar faces, following the big dreams of a (relatively) small town girl to have it all

…and I will.