“I only took up kung fu,” Bruce confided, “when I began to feel insecure…

When Bruce Lee began teaching, he trained non-Chinese people in the classical Chinese martial art of Wing Chun Gung Fu. He was challenged by the Chinese community for teaching a Chinese art to non-Chinese people. He was given the ultimatum to either “shut down or throw down.” He chose to fight for his right to teach and train. Disappointed by how long it took him (3 mins) to take down his opponent, he felt as though his training had failed him. In 1965 he decided to evolve the art of wing chun and create a fusion of western boxing, fencing and wing chun.

Today, Chinese and non-Chinese people alike are privileged to learn the art of Wing Chun Gung Fu, in part because of Bruce. Knowledge, self knowledge (something I strongly believe Gung Fu facilitates), transcends race, gender, creed, age and sexuality. No discrimination, only discipline and dedication. The art never left me, it resonated too deeply for me to let it go, but my training changed (like water, I needed to adapt) and it was kept secret.

And it will continue to be, just like my insecurities. But with each continued day, I will work towards destroying the images, the illusions, the insecurities, and inevitably destroying the enemy.