Often we forget our blessings in light of the lessons that they’re disguised in.

From time to time I realize how absolutely and amazingly blessed I am; how well taken care of I am by the higher powers of the universe that be. That’s not to depreciate or discredit the discipline, drive and determination it has taken on my part to get to where I am, or the efforts of other to cultuvate that (Lord knows it hasn’t been easy), but gratitude… there’s just something about gratitude. Keeps us grounded, it keeps us humble.

It was during my drive home from what almost felt like a private concert last night, of a band whose frontman I had interviewed days prior, met/hugged and philosophized with after, that I reflected on the days when I was ridiculed for not ever having been to a concert.

Nerd. Geek. Dork. Loner. Loser. Left out.

Water off a ducks back? No. I held onto every word. Fuel. They served as reminders.

More people wish for your failure than your success because your failure helps them feel less bad about their own. #truestory Successful people will never be discouraged or threatened by the success or prosperity of someone else– they’ll be further driven by it. Unfortunately, most people would rather use their energy to drain and dim someone else’s shine, then try to brighten their own life. Why? We need not concerns ourselves with that. We need not concern ourselves with them. Let them sort themselves out.

Though I can’t give the nay-sayers/haters the credit for being the source of my success as a concert-going, band-interviewing rockstar, I do give them thanks. Because it made moments like last night help me smile a little bigger and shine a little brighter. Let their envy be the oil in the lamp of your success, burn it up and burn BRIGHTER.