Every time I attempt a one handed pull- up, I injure myself.

Last time. October 1st. One rep. Assisted (right hand pull, left hand assist).

Today. December 1st. Two sets of Two pull-ups… and one pulled muscle.

Felt it on my last rep. Like electricity, pain jolted up the left trap muscle, up through my upper back, reaching my neck and stopping at the back of my head, tightening everything along the way.

I finished back and chest day like a champ/idiot. Knowing it was only moments before the muscle would start seizing and immobilizing my ability to look over my left shoulder.

True enough, as I sat in my car to fasten my seatbelt, the spasms began. Driving home, breathing out the pain, I finally reach home. Rummaging through all the cabinets like a raging addict looking for their next hit, I try to find my fix.

It’s been a while since I’ve needed you. And oh how I need you now, desperately. Humbled by the pain of a new PR, I seek salvage in your warmth.