Walk around track, dynamic stretches.

I need new shoes.

Weighted pull ups and chin ups. Use momentum for final few pulls. Hanging leg raises.

Not feeling it.

Core work; on a bar, on a mat, on a box, on the track.

I hate bicycle crunches.

Leave gym. Dissatisfied. Barely broke a sweat. Frustration builds. Too many excuses. Too much anger.

There’s unfinished business.

Get home. Open back door. The heavy bag awaits. Slowly swinging as the cold wind blows.

Hit me.

Gloves on. Hood on. Music on. Game on. Close eyes. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in.

Boom! Knockout.

Straight punches. Big punches. In and outs. Back fists. Capillaries bursting. Knuckles peeling. Cold wind blows. Rain slows down. I speed up.

I’m taking care of business.