Function over form. Move fast. Move forward. Shuffle.

Am I doing this right? Is this proper form?

Without instruction, without guidance. I’m left to train by myself. Watching videos, reviewing old notes… bitter reminders provide endless source of energy.

Feet together, toes apart, heels apart, sink into it.

Teetering between emotions. Sadness is unproductive. Discard it. Rage, now that I can use. Strike the heavy bag.

Good, do it again. Pull back and launch forward. Full extension. That’s better…

The fading echoes offer both solace and anger. Conflicted, I channel my frustration. Strike again. No gloves.

You made your choice and it wasn’t me..

Another strike. Tear drops. Skin breaks. Heart bleeds.

Muffled voices. Too much noise.

Too emotional. Focus, drown out everything else. Just focus on the target, hit through it. Move forward. Single minded focus. Another strike. Perfect.

Reinforce the good

Abandoned and discouraged, that’s exactly what I did;

stripped apart the negative,
discarded the useless and,
reinforced the good.

Novice as it may be, they are foundations… and function trumps form anyway.