If we agree on the premise that we are all capable of change, how come the ratio of capability to ability isn’t a perfect 1:1? What’s the differentiation?

Three things; will, wisdom and action.

Ability can largely be influenced by will, wisdom and action. The will, or desire to change. The wisdom or knowledge as to what to do, and the action of actually doing it. We are capable of learning and capable of doing. What cannot be taught however, is passion– that rests on the individual. What can be taught is how to remove obstacles or mental barriers that block, or discourage that passion.

A practical and efficient exercise to remove obstacles, invigorate your passions and re-establish a fluid stream of will, wisdom and action, is visualization.


Visualize it. What is stopping you? Actually spend some time on this. Click here, open in another tab/window and listen while you read.

Ok, I ask again; what’s stopping you?

Is it a wall? Do you imagine everything you want on the other side of this brick wall? If that’s the case, visualize a door, visualize yourself walking up to it and visualize yourself opening it.

Is it a mountain? Ok. Start climbing. Visualize yourself scaling that mountain and reaching the top. Visualize the view. Visualize your change. Visualize your success.

Have you let someone stand in your way? Or let yourself feel inferior to someone else? Lived in someone’s shadow? Picture that person. Visualize a poster of that person with all the attributes you associate with them, attributes you desire, written on that same poster.Visualize yourself breaking through that poster, walking through it and taking with you all those attributes.

Visualization is a powerful tool. Most often, we have used its powers for evil and visualized everything that could go wrong and have let that prevent or paralyze us. In that sense, many of us are already familiar with its power. Learn to use power for your own gains. We need not steal, crave or try to create power, we must recognize how to use the existing powers to our advantage.

Anytime, and every time your change or journey seems arduous, take a breath, close your eyes, change your mind state. Re-associate your journey to your goals.

It is possible. With will, wisdom and action, if you are willing, then you are able.

So again, what’s stopping you?

Absolutely nothing.