Anger is a powerful tool for motivation and discipline. Fuel, if you will. While the initial motivation from anger might be impure and a derivative of something unpleasant (hurt, hate, pain, shame, etc.) it is the cultivation of that anger which can bring about incredible discipline, conviction, drive and productivity; i.e., RESULTS.

As the following excerpt from the lifehack.org article “Three Reasons Why Anger Is Your Friend” explains;

The trick with Anger, of course, is for you to:

1. Use your anger in pursuit of a worthwhile goal that serves a higher purpose for your values, your community, your family. Scaring people just to get what you want is just playground Bullying.

2. Stay in control of yourself so that you can keep your eye on the goal and move toward it purposefully, so that you don’t find yourself enjoying conflict for its own sake and causing unnecessary damage. Perhaps we can say it like this: Anger is a great Servant, but a really bad Master.

Bruce Banner figured it out, so did Wolverine (kinda) and if a gamma-ray poisoned hulk of a creature and an Adamantium infused ‘animal’ can cultivate their anger and control their actions and reactions to it, what excuse do the rest of us (sans mutant/marvel comic genes) have?

Make anger your servant and it will serve you.
Let anger be your master and it will enslave you.

It can be a battle, it might be a struggle. There could be conflict, internal conflict, but it’s your anger, so own it!

Cultivate it.
Control it.
Command it.

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