I pity the fool who goes out tryin’ a’ take over da world, then runs home cryin’ to his momma!” B.A Baracus

No disrespect to Mr. T, but I don’t pity the fool who goes out tryin’… I pity the fool who doesn’t leave his momma’s side.

Better to be a fool who tries and fails (and eventually gets it), then a fool who doesn’t try at all. Frankly, trying and failing isn’t even foolish, its genius. It enables growth & learning. It’s brave. Its strength. That’s me. Thats You, too.

    Yeah, you! Mr. Or Ms. always-taking-the-next-right-step… I get it, you’re tired, hopelessly hopeful, wondering what’s the point of it all, you want to give up, give in, but you won’t, you can’t? Yeah, you know why? Because you’re no fool, you’re a flippin’ fighter. A damn soldier. If you were a fool, you wouldn’t care. You would’ve stopped struggling and gone back to mommy, nestled into her arms. Hiding from the adversities of life. But you didn’t, did you? No, you didn’t. You’re here. You’re struggling, you’re LIVING, you’re GROWING, because the pain of ignorance and giving up (on yourself) hurts more than the pain of getting hit. That makes you a fighter, that makes you a soldier, and you’re going to fight. Because there is a point. You know this, thats why you can’t come to terms with giving up. But maybe amidst the struggles you’ve just forgotten what the point is… Let me remind you; dear sir, kind madame, YOU are the point.

Not trying because of some fear that we’ll end up failing and crawling back to my momma, now that’s foolish! And cowardly! And you know what they say about cowards, right? They die ‘a thousand deaths’. Everyone needs some rest and recovery, a little first aid, nursing, whatever. Get over it. Go out into battle and fight for the life you want.

Dying only means something when we’ve actually done something, even if all we’ve done is try. So I’m okay dying just the one time, because I’m making sure I’m living WHILE I HAVE TIME.

Honour your life, (wo)man.
Live if you really want to.