The world was asleep, enveloped in the comfort of their beds; even the sun was cozily covered in the darkness of the clouds. I laced up my shoes and opened the door. Looking down the empty streets, contemplating which direction to go. A deep breath of cold air filled my lungs. I exhaled, watching my breath form rings. The frigidity of dawn seeped into each crevice of my clothing, much like the darkness that consumes the night. I began to walk, accelerating slowing to a light jog, then a steady run, synchronizing the rhythm of my steps with the beat of the bass bumping in my ears. accelerating. decelerating. Eyes braving the wind, beginning to water, camouflaged in the beads of sweat that began to form… Running past light post upon light post, “we’ll stop at the next one” my body tells me, “feet are tired, we should stop“… I turn the music up louder. Loud enough to drown the voices in my head. Louder than words. Loud enough to drown the synchronicity of my feet and the bass. I speed up, the beat that kept my pace, can’t keep up with me now. Another light post approaches, my breath becomes heavy; inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. There is a familiar taste of blood as I swallow my spit. My heart beats harder, pounding through my chest. I keep running. The endorphins kick in, a second bout of energy and nausea ensues. My feet and legs become numb, mere instruments of movement. There’s no stopping now. Stride after stride, post after post. The sun rises, the world still asleep. I run from the darkness and into the sun.