Everyone has a story of their life. You have one, so do I. These stories are made up of many little stories; triumphs, tragedies, dramas and comedies, but not everyone has the words to tell their story.

Some stories are left unwritten.
Some stories are left untold.
Some stories are left unfinished

Like every good story, there are emotions.

Music evokes emotions.

Music provides the soundtrack to my life. It compliments and accentuates my feelings. Perhaps music does this for you, too. There are songs for happy times, sad times, dark times, work-out times and quiet times… to name just a few. This page is a soundtrack. The story of a life, in song. 

Listen. FeelEnjoy. Contribute.

Note: You will find a series of songs embedded in posts (as highlighted links) and in the “soundtrack” category of posts in the “archives.”