If one ember is left alight,
no matter how dimly it smolders,
a fire will eventually break out

Law 15: Crush your enemies. Completely.

Do not sympathize with enemies. When you pity or hope for reconciliation, it will make you hesitate and leave you open for attack or manipulation. They may act friendly for the time being, but they will eventually destroy you. An enemy that is left around is like a half-dead viper that you nurse back to health. This is all the truer with a former friend who has become an enemy. The law governing fatal antagonisms reads: Reconciliation is out of the question. You must exterminate, crush, and deny them the chance to return to haunt you.

Anything that deters me from my goal is my enemy.

Having said that, understand that we are our own worst enemy, because nothing and no one can deter us from our goals but ourselves. No one has that kind of power over you, but you. Do not attempt to reconcile your goals or compromise your ambitions. This world does not entertain the childhood fables of ‘good things happen to good people.’ You might deserve the best, but unless you negotiate it, work for it, and actively pursue it, you will not get it. Your goals will be achieved by someone else. Your dreams will be stolen.

Applying this law of power to cultivate our personal power means we must annihilate all the negativity and ill-influences that plague our lives, bodies, spirits and minds. Completely. Entirely. If we keep even a shred of it around, it will fester. Be it resent, insecurity, hatred or despise, we will incur the damage of harboring that poison in our bodies, minds and spirits.

Your obstacles are your enemies.
The darkest parts of you need to be faced.
The demons have to be fought.

Exterminate. Annihilate. Conquer.

Your power is insurmountable.